Company Description:

A value added reseller of software, hardware, and peripherals; ScholarBuys is committed exclusively to the academic market.  Our unique focus is partnering with academic consortia.  By coordinating the acquisition power of consortia member institutions, ScholarBuys negotiates and manages special agreements with technology manufacturers.  These programs allow the consortia members to achieve economies of scale, in addition to special attention and resources from both manufacturers and ScholarBuys. 

AAICU Microsoft Consolidated EES Agreement:

Enrollment for Educations Solutions (EES) from Microsoft is an annual subscription licensing program enabling institutions to license software based on employee FTE count, rather than the numbers of computers the software is installed on.  Any upgrades or downgrades of those products are included through the term of the subscription.  Microsoft EES is a simple, flexible program that enables institutions to standardize software across your campus, keep technology up to date, and annualize Microsoft budgets.

The AAICU Consolidated EES Agreement enables participating schools to combine their FTEs to qualify for deeper discounts.  The AAICU EES Agreement renews September 1st annually.  AAICU’s Microsoft reseller, ScholarBuys, consolidates the license demand of each school into separate enrollments, thus keeping the interests of each entity separate.  Schools with existing Microsoft subscription agreements, independent of AAICU, may be granted pro-rated/co-termed amendments which sync their enrollment with the AAICU common renewal date in order to leverage the discounted pricing.

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