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  Alabama's independent colleges welcome applications for admission from motivated students who demonstrate sound academic preparation and who represent diverse backgrounds, talents, and interests. Each college selects for admission those students who are best qualified to profit from the program of the college and who, at the same time, will contribute to the life of the college. No one application requirement is the most important. Rather the combination of materials gives admissions selection committees an accurate picture of a student’s abilities, capabilities, character and motivation to succeed in college. Attention to detail is universally important though. Take the time to make sure all materials are in order. College applications are submitted in the fall (for early decision) and winter of your senior year.

Admissions requirements and selectivity vary from college to college, but all institutions weigh the following factors when considering an application:

1. Secondary school record (transcript) including:

  • the quality of the work
  • the strength of the academic program Apply with AAICU
  • and the student's academic standing among his or her peers
2. Standardized Tests
  • results of the SAT I: Reasoning Test (or the ACT)
  • and in some cases, the results of the SAT II Subject Tests
3. Recommendations of
  • counselors
  • teachers
  • principals
  • or headmasters
4. Personal characteristics including:
  • leadership
  • or involvement in extracurricular activities
5. Personal statement or written work

Many colleges will require you to answer additional questions about yourself as part of the application. The admissions selection committee is looking at your writing skills, as well as your personality. This is your chance to tell your own story about why you want to go to college and why you are a good applicant. Often the personal statement can explain any inconsistencies in your application or explain how you've overcome a great obstacle. Do not underestimate the power of a strong personal statement, which is often the part that admission counselors are likely to remember after reading hundreds of applications!

To learn more about the requirements for admission, call or email the admissions offices of the Alabama independent college you are considering.